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360 PhotoStudio

Create 360º Magnifiable animations using our 2 Door System with Backlight Panel.

The twin doors on the unit allow for easier product placement as well as the option of shooting against either the backlit panel, or a white or coloured background.

360’s build sales and help business communication. Adding animation to your web site distinguishes it from your competitors, helping to make your site the preferred one. Showing people exactly what you are offering builds trust and so encourages purchase.

Our backlit panel ensures that your images always have a pure white background. To create an animation you simply select the 360 option on the software and choose how many pictures you want to include in the animation: options go from 4 right up to 360 shots. The more shots you include the smoother the animation but the larger the file. Place your product on the middle of the turntable and the software then controls the turntable and the camera, stopping at the defined points and at each point capturing an image. These are then automatically converted in to an animation. If you do not need to show the rear of the product, then you don't have to have your product rotating a full 360º - you can select 180º, 120º or 90º rotations.

You can choose to pause after taking each shot or shoot continuously. Choosing “continuous” allows the camera to click and the turntable to move automatically until the sequence is captured. Pausing allows you to move the subject between shots, creating a 'stop frame' animation. This is great for demonstrating functionality. (Imagine a clamshell phone – the animation is that much more true to life, if during the revolve, the phone opens and closes.)

Once the turntable has rotated and the shots transferred to the computer you can create your animation in the style of your choice. 360º outputs include HTML with Java, Adobe Flash and even gif. These animations (except the gif) can automatically rotate as the page is loaded, be controlled with the mouse or have a set of control buttons. In addition, you can incorporate a 'magnifier loupe' to allow the customer to view the item at 3X magnification. You can also export your captured still image sequence for re-purposing or re-importing into the software to create another animation in a different size or style.

Whichever route you choose you will have an animation that you have produced yourself. We have seen companies charging up to £150 for a single animation – our 360° system will pay for itself very quickly.

360 product photography

How it works

1. Plug the USB cables into your PC and install the software.

2. Press 3D button to prepare composition on the screen, set the number of pictures, image size, image resolution and animation rotation speed.

3. Press Start to begin the automated image capture process for a 360 degree rotation. The software, camera and turntable work in unison to capture the images at the correct angles.

4. Final output is an animated HTML or Flash file, or individual JPG images.

Create Professional 3D Product Shots in minutes

More and more companies are offering simulated 360-degree product views on their websites. Animated pictures provide more information and attract more attention. The 360° Photo System makes taking these pictures simple and fast.

Computer Controlled
The 360° Photo System consists of a controlled lighting environment, a turntable and control software that work in unison with a compatible digital camera. The control software synchronizes picture taking and turntable movement to automate picture taking as an object rotates 360 degrees. The 360° Photo System can take up to 360 pictures. It can take 20 pictures in approximately 3 minutes.

Auto Image Capture
After selecting the number of pictures per revolution, image size, resolution and spinning direction, The 360° Photo System software will take control of the camera and turntable to automatically capture the images. While most image capture is automatic, time-lapse and manual capture options are also available.

Annotation and Editing Tools
Use the Image Creation Software to draw or write text on images to increase their communication value or replace the background with pure white to prepare the images for use on a website.

Several Output Options
The resulting pictures can be stitched together to create animated HTML (with Java) files or Flash® (SWF). The individual JPG images can be exported for editing in programs such as Photoshop® then re-imported into The 360° Photo System program for stitching.

Large 360 Photo System components

Light Box
Utilizes backlight panel and front fill daylight lamps to produce a uniform lighting environment.

Turntable Components

PC-controlled / motorized turntable with 40 cm platform,  power cord and USB cables.

PhotoStudio Image Creation Software

Manages digital camera settings and provides file management and image editing. Also includes: batch saving, image annotation and batch or individual image resizing features.

360 Image Creation Software

Controls turntable rotation allowing between 4 and 360 shots to be taken in one 360 revolution. Allows annotation of individual images. Stitches together images as HTML with Java or a .swf file. There are four types of control offered for the finished rotation, as well as Magnification. Permits images to be exported and imported or re-imported prior to stitching.


Tripod, daylight balanced flourescent lamps, side shot background, product stand, Free technical support and a one-year warranty with free software upgrades.

You can create animations like these

Once you have captured the images you can use the pictures to create any of these outputs styles:

More example animations


  • arrow iconAutomatically create animated Flash and HTML files for websites
  • arrow iconExport captured images to Flash for creating animations in multiple formats
  • arrow iconAutomates the process of taking pictures of an object from multiple sides
  • arrow iconUse the animations or still pictures in documentation, websites, presentations or for other business communication purposes

Product Specifications

(W x D x H)
61 x 61 x 71 cm
Weight 37 Kg
Maximum Target Size 40 x 50 cm for top shots.
40 x 40 x 40 cm for side shots.
Capture Resolution: 72, 150 and 300 dpi
Turntable Diameter 40 cm
Maximum Object Weight: 9 Kg
Power Requirements Standard 240v plug

PC Requirements

  • arrowOS: Windows 7 or 8
       (Administrator Account needed for installation)
  • arrowCPU: Intel i3 or better
  • arrowRAM: Min. 3GB
  • arrowInternet connection with active email account
  • arrowMin. 3 USB Ports, CD ROM

Mac Users

We recommend using virtualisation software such as VMware (TM) or Parallels (TM) to run Windows and our PC software. Alternatively you can use BootCamp.

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