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Create beautiful images in seconds: cropped, edited, resized, saved, done.

Our powerful still image and 360 image capture systems will save you time and money They place your products on a pure white or transparent background They eradicate the need to commission a professional photographer They can create a spin set as easily as a single image They let anyone with basic PC skills take and prepare shots They can simultaneously save your images in multiple formats



Software Features

Your Sector

Automated Product Photography 360 Photography 3D Photography
Produce still images with white backgrounds. The software controls the box and camera, automating the image capture process.
Our state-of-the-art systems with dimmable lighting zones, transparent turntables and underlighting.
Easily digitise objects to produce beautiful 3D models with colorful texture maps. 

Our powerful software features let you produce professional images

Automatic Cutouts

It takes just seconds to create cutout images on a transparent background even with complex items, even for spins
Auto PNG
Auto PNG

Focus Stacking

Our software takes a series of images and compiles them into a single, sharp one.
You can also use it to capture very fine details


Users can overlay a saved transparent image to ensure consistent shooting angles when photographing similar products
Highlight Alert

Highlight Alert

Check that you have a white background and your product isn't over exposed with Hightlight Alert. The pure white areas of the picture are shown in black

Advanced Editing

Users can edit single images or a batch of images using advanced editing features such as Levels and Curves. The settings can be saved and automatically applied to other images
Advanced Editing
Advanced Saving

Advanced Saving

Multiple copies of images and rotations can be saved in different sizes, locations and other parameters using just one click

The emeDigital Professional Turntable Range

Backed with our 3 Year Pro Warranty

Our turntables are built to last. We are so confident of their durability that they all come with a 3 year hardware warranty

The Smart Choice:

- Industrial strength construction
- Supplied with software to automate image capture
- 3 year warranty
- Highly reliable. Hundreds in use worldwide
- Output is ideal for CMS platforms


- Create stills, HTML5 spins, spin sets, video and stop-motion animation

When it comes to choosing a turntable for your studio, your priorities will be reliability, repeatability, ease of use and warranty. Our range has all of these. They all come with our fully-featured software that automates the image capture process by synchronising the camera and the turntable. Your workflow can be saved as a profile, and you can have many profiles. The turntables are ruggedly constructed to take the punishment of day-in, day-out work and have our three year Pro Warranty to back that up.

See our range of turntables here, from 9 to 450 kg capacity

Simplicity and Repeatability are our keywords

How it works:

Our software lets you view and change the exposure and crop from the computer in real time. You can tell the software to cut out the product or not, then take a still or a spin set of images that can then be edited. After editing the images can be automatically saved in the sizes, locations and file formats of your choice.

You can use AfterImage to place your products in exactly the same positions and Focus Stacking to get them sharp from front to back.

You can save all your settings: camera, lighting, afterimage, editing, saving, so that you can return to your products and shoot them exactly the same way every time.

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